Classic 1mm

  • Floor type Vinyle
  • Substrate Mineral & Wood


The products detailed below have been specially developed for use with modern vinyl and designer floor coverings. The pressure-resistant foam offers floors reliable protection and makes life more comfortable.

As a rule, vinyl boards tend to be thinner and more flexible than laminate and in addition, the click connections are more delicate. This makes the underlay very important. noma®floor vinyl and designer flooring underlays help to correct smaller isolated bumps on the substrate and stop them showing through on thin vinyl floors (the telegraphing effect). The GripTec® anti-slip surface stops the boards from sliding and therefore keeps the gaps from coming open.

  • 1.0 mm strong, pressure-resistant polystyrene foam
  • Easy-glide film surface (no vapour stop)
  • easy cut® printed grid feature

Protects the floor

Prevent surface irregularities from appearing

Increases living comfort in the home

Impact Sound Insulation (IS)

Footstep sound insulation (rws)

Increased walking comfort


Thickness 1 mm

Dimensions 1,20 m x 12,50 m


TÜV (nomafloor underlays)

Blauer Engel - DE-UZ 156 - underlays

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