Special Thermo 5mm AquaStop

  • Floor type parquet/laminate
  • Substrate minerale


Mineral floors in particular often contain residual humidity, which can have adverse effects especially on parquet and laminate. Penetration of humidity can cause lasting damage to your wooden floors. Distortion and curvature are potential consequences which need to be avoided.

noma®floor underlays for mineral substrates and for parquet or laminate flooring boast AquaStop™ technology to prevent such problems from ever occurring.

  • Very good thermal insulation – ideal on floors which feel cold to the feet
  • Outstanding walking/impact sound reduction
  • Smooths out isolated bumps up to 4 mm (PC value)
  • Very good compressive strength, offering lasting protection in areas of load and traffic
  • Offers laminate floors reliable protection against falling objects

Protects the floor

Falling Object Protection (RLB)

Unevenness compensation (PC)

Increases living comfort in the home

Impact Sound Insulation (IS)

Footstep sound insulation (rws)

Thermal resistance (rʎ)


Thickness 5 mm

Dimensions 0,80 m x 6,25 m


Blauer Engel - DE-UZ 156 - underlays

TÜV (nomafloor underlays)

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