Special GREEN 2 mm

Unlike with mineral substrates, the top priority with wooden substrates is a permeable underlay, in order to prevent mould from forming in the substrate.

Given that wooden floors in particular transmit noise very easily, noma®floor underlays help to deliver significant improvements to acoustic comfort.

  • Ideal for use with pre-existing, level wooden substrates such as particleboard floors with isolated bumps of up to 0.5 mm
  • Very good compressive strength
  • Made from renewable raw materials – for environmentally conscious renovations

Protects the flooring

<b>Load protection</b><br>(DL, CC, CS)
Load protection
(DL, CC, CS)
<b>Protection against falling objects</b><br>(RLB)
Protection against falling objects
<b>Protection against unevenness</b><br>(PC)
Protection against unevenness

Increases living comfort

<b>Impact sound reduction</b><br>(IS)
Impact sound reduction
<b>Reflected walking sound insulation</b><br>(RWS)
Reflected walking sound insulation
<b>Underfloor Heating</b><br>(R, B)
Underfloor Heating
(R, B)


2 mm
2 mm
1 m x 15 m<br>= 15 m²
1 m x 15 m
= 15 m²
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PERFORMANCE (acc. EN 16354)

Thermal resistance (R) ~ 0,039 m²K/W
Punctual conformability (PC) ≥ 1,3 mm
Dynamic load (DL25) ≥ 100.000 Cycles
Compressive strength (CS) ≥ 200 kPa
Compressive creep (CC) ≥ 50 kPa
Resistance to large ball (RLB) ≥ 500 mm
Impact sound reduction (IS) ≤ 19 dB
Impact sound reduction (IS Lam) ≤ 14 dB
Impact sound reduction (IS HDF) ≤ 14 dB
Fire protection classification (RTF) Efl


Item number 3034910
Thickness 2 mm
Dimensions 15 m x 1 m
Packing 15 m²
Material Cork, brown

Meets minimum EPLF and MMFA requirements (Group 1)

Suitable for underfloor heating:
Yes, if floor R ≤ 0,108 m²K/W

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