Comfort 1,5mm Anti-Slip

  • Floor type Vinyle
  • Substrate Mineral & Wood


The products detailed below have been specially developed for use with modern vinyl and designer floor coverings. The pressure-resistant foam offers floors reliable protection and makes life more comfortable.

As a rule, vinyl boards tend to be thinner and more flexible than laminate and in addition, the click connections are more delicate. This makes the underlay very important. noma®floor vinyl and designer flooring underlays help to correct smaller isolated bumps on the substrate and stop them showing through on thin vinyl floors (the telegraphing effect). The Anti-Slip anti-slip surface stops the boards from sliding and therefore keeps the gaps from coming open.

  • Consists of an age-resistant polyurethane heavy layer and a high-quality non woven backing
  • Anti-Slip anti-slip surface
  • Made from up to 90% natural raw materials
  • Excellent impact sound reduction

Protects the floor

Prevent surface irregularities from appearing

Increases living comfort in the home

Impact Sound Insulation (IS)

Footstep sound insulation (rws)

Increased walking comfort


Thickness 1,5 mm

Dimensions 1 m x 10 m


Blauer Engel - DE-UZ 156 - underlays

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