High-performance underlays

For the comfort and protection of your floors from professionals for professionals !

The Waterproof skirting for professionals

Perfect to finish the floor of your choice

High-performance underlays for floors to be laid as a floating installation

noma®floor underlays offer you high-performance, innovative, smart solutions which provide long-lasting protection for parquet, laminate, vinyl and designer floorings. Professional yet easy to understand. A brilliantly designed, balanced product portfolio. Comfort and protection for your floors, from professionals for professionals !

Skirtings for every floor covering

Skirtings are far more than just functional wall protection. Their shape, size and colour make them design elements in any room. The noma®floor skirting portfolio offers clever and innovative solutions.

Why noma®floor ?

Our core expertise lies in the development, production and sale of synthetic foams. The product know-how that we have built up over many years gives us a platform for the design of imaginative problem-solving ideas. Thanks to the expertise and advanced knowledge of our collaborators in our factories based in Belgium and Germany, we design and manufacture the noma®floor range of skirtings and underlays.