Premium 2 mm

  • Floor type Parquet / Laminate
  • Substrate Mineral


Unlike with mineral substrates, the top priority with wooden substrates is a permeable underlay, in order to prevent mould from forming in the substrate.

Given that wooden floors in particular transmit noise very easily, noma®floor underlays help to deliver significant improvements to acoustic comfort.

  • Premium product for parquet/laminate floors
  • Best underlay for acoustic and load purposes
  • Outstanding walking/impact sound reduction values
  • Very high compressive strength, offering lasting protection in areas of heavy load and traffic
  • Offers floors reliable protection against falling objects
  • Offers floors reliable protection against falling objects
  • Easy to cut

Protects the floor

Falling Object Protection (RLB)

Unevenness compensation (PC)

Increases living comfort in the home

Impact Sound Insulation (IS)

Footstep sound insulation (rws)

Floor heating (Rʎ,B)


Thickness 2 mm

Dimensions 1 m x 10 m


Blauer Engel - DE-UZ 156 - underlays

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