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A parquet or laminate floor or a designer/vinyl floor plus the right underlay and the corresponding substrate combine to make a flooring system. To guarantee the most effective flooring system, the choice of the right underlay is a very important factor. This involves the individual properties of the substrate: is it mineral or made from wood? Is there underfloor heating? Is the substrate uneven or smooth? Do you need a thermal separation?

Underlays have multifunctional properties. As well as making life more comfortable, for instance by delivering better heat insulation, they can also improve the acoustics in the room itself and in adjoining rooms. A further important factor is that they protect the floor.

What does an underlay do ?

It improves the thermal properties of the floor

Thermal insulation (Rʎ )

The right underlay can deliver major improvements to heat insulation where the substrate is cold. It acts as insulation between the top layer and the substrate.

Underfloor heating (Rʎ,B)

In general, laminate, parquet and vinyl floors are suitable for hot-water underfloor heating systems. The underlay needs to offer the lowest possible thermal insulation so that the underfloor heating can work efficiently

It improves the acoustic properties of the floor

Impact sound reduction (IS)

When the sound of footsteps are transmitted into the rooms underneath or adjoining, the result is generally known as impact sound. Laminate underlays in combination with the flooring used can significantly reduce this impact sound.

Reflected walking sound insulation (RWS)

The walking noise that you hear in the same room is known as walking sound. The fact that such noises are relatively loud on hard surfaces is due to the floor itself. But underlay has a noticeable effect in reducing walking sound.

It increases walking comfort

An underlay here increases walking comfort by absorbing impacts. This not only increases the level of comfort, but also reduces the strain on feet and joints.

It offers long-lasting protection for the floor

Load protection (DL, CC, CS)

Daily use exposes floors – and thus also underlays – to heavy wear. This is why laminate underlays must be able to stand up to permanent loads (CC/furniture), dynamic loads (DL/walking) and temporary loads (CS), over their entire useful life. This is the only way to protect a floor – and particularly its connection system – over the long term.

Protection against falling objects (RLB)

Falling objects can irreparably damage the surface of parquet or laminate. That is why the insulating underlay used plays a particularly important role, along with the quality of the flooring itself. These factors both have a significant influence on the height of the fall that can be absorbed without damage.

Protection against unevenness (PC)

To protect the floor mechanically and prevent local separations, it must be possible to even out small, isolated bumps. Otherwise, the floor may be damaged, particularly in transition areas

Preventing the substrate from showing through

When modern designer floor coverings (which are usually thinner than parquet and laminate) are fitted, the right underlay will stop the substrate from showing through. This is known as the ‚telegraphing effect‘



Protection against residual humidity in the substrate

In new builds in particular, there will often be residual humidity in the mineral substrate. A suitable underlay with an integrated vapour barrier is advisable to prevent damage to the floor.

Unique benefits in use

Top quality standard, easy to fit


The ‚easy cut®‘ printed grid feature enables you to trim the underlay easily and accurately to size.


The integrated ‚AquaStop™‘ film offers reliable protection for the flooring against residual humidity.


For a permeable floor structure, ‚DryTec™‘ technology offers you reliable protection for wooden substrates against mould.


The Anti-Slip surface stops individual boards from sliding, and prevents the click profiles from opening up and forming cracks.


The ‚easy lay®‘ fanfold panel system enables you to fit the underlay easily, quickly and absolutely level.


The advantage of XPO foams lies in the high compressive strength in combination with the excellent impact sound insulation as well as the very good levelling capacity of unevenness in the subfloor.


Thanks to the self-adhesive side, the mat is glued directly to the substrate after removing a protective film.

The concept

noma®floor offers high-performance underlay products for laminate, parquet, designer and vinyl floor coverings. Our product portfolio covers the demands of any substrate. These products deliver long-lasting, complete functionality for the entire flooring system, and make life so much more comfortable.

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Our expertise

The quality which makes our products stand out

Many noma®floor products have been tested and successfully certified by the TÜV Rheinland in terms of their functionality, quality, fitness for purpose and production supervision.

The majority of noma®floor products have secured building control certification and carry the Ü symbol in Germany

noma®floor underlays have already been awarded the world‘s most successful environmental test mark, the ‚Blauer Engel‘.

noma®floor products are ‚Made in Germany‘. They are produced in the NMC competence centre for underlay in ErbesBüdesheim in RhinelandPalatinate. 

Regulatory instruments applicable to underlays

EN 16354
This official European Commission document addresses all the relevant criteria for underlays, defines appropriate testing methods and sets out minimum requirements to be met. This ensures that the product properties indicated are comparable and that the underlays comply with the minimum requirements set by the CEN.

EPLF/MMFA technical data sheet
The EPLF technical data sheet is based on EN 16354 and thus supplements the European document. By reference to all substantive requirements to be satisfied by an underlay, the technical data sheet contains explanations and gives concrete recommendations on technical data. For example, it defines minimum requirements which an underlay must comply with depending on the type of floor. But there are also recommendations for stricter requirements.

Protecting your floors and our planet

As part of NMC's range, noma®floor underlays are designed with not only their quality in mind but also their environmental performance and their ecological footprint. Sustainability and caring for the environment have always been part of NMC's corporate culture and DNA. These values have been intrinsically linked with the company since its inception and remain at the heart of everything we do today. We continuously strive to improve our environmental management systems, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and increase the ratio of recycled material in our products.

noma®floor underlays

  • Made in Germany on a site powered by solar energy.
  • Our underlays are 100% recyclable, low-emission and have been awarded the German "Blauer Engel" eco-label.
  • Our packaging is in part made from recycled materials and is itself 100% recyclable.
  • All of our underlays contain up to 80% recycled materials.
  • Our underlays have insulating properties allowing a reduction in energy consumption of up to 30% depending on thickness.

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