M100 noma®floor


Contemporary yet classic, the M100 noma®floor skirting is a versatile piece for interior design. A hollowed-out cavity conceals cables and hides small imperfections, while its shock-resistant, 100% waterproof and 100% recyclable polystyrene material makes it suitable for use in kitchens and b

With its timeless and minimalist aesthetic, the M100 noma®floor skirting creates pure, clean lines in your interiors. The lightweight polystyrene features a hollowed-out cavity to conceal cables and hide minor imperfections. Made from 100% waterproof, 100% recyclable and shock-resistant material, for a durable, sustainable piece. Available in 3 finishes. Pairs with the M38, M58 and M80 models. Use with our ADEFIX® adhesive for a seamless installation.

Product data

  • Article number
    • 3051517
  • Thickness
    • 100 mm
  • Dimensions
    • 13 mm x 2 m
  • Material
    • High Density Polystyrene
  • Glue
    • ADEFIX® 69.0(ml/m)

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